Azlin (seranggalover) wrote,

All about me beneath my skin

I write a lot, but I am at no liberty to post it up in here to impress you, just yet. politics, art, engineering,physics, clinical psych., medical,weird experiments, write zines/poems/philosophy,supportive arguments,open mind, anti- norm,anarchy, non profit org, U.N, cia,altruism, universalism, hidden meanings, fashion, design, telepathy,feelings, AI, friendly ppl, nice people who understands, anti-racism, hanging out, witty, intelligent, likes to talk about anything, multi racial, anti-attitude, Books, Geeks, knowing that its ok to be boring and the like. Also, I am not emo, punk, goth, metal or whatever you want to label me...This person is just me and I find it sexy to be yourself. I also have the guts to say I'm sometimes too opinionated or too silent, but I'm down with that. I'm very boring when I am bored and silent...but don't be fooled, up in my head: there are more than a billion words waiting to be unleashed and spilled out rapidly. I could kill myself for saying I'm really friendly, but I guess thats true. *dies at the instant* NOTE: The reason why I do not write about myself is because people will most definately invoke different judgements upon me, so I shall not "force" them to think what I want them to think. Therefore, these are not even half of what I like to do in the world...but it shall hopefully give you a general overview of what my interests are. *I don't care if you're boring...Silence = mind in motion* Carefully constructive arguments are sexy...keep that in mind. Locking myself up in order to paint or write, and being very melodramatic First of all, I have no prior knowledge regarding my presence on this website. I might even take it down someday. Unfortunately my dear commoners, I am not a walking billboard (no really this is true). Thank you, come again soon and have a nice day. I don't want you all to love me, I just want you to know me. Fair enough, I suppose. This is all I have to say for now. For you out there: I am really 83 and I am happily married with 011001001 (binary codes) test tube babies. Goodbye!! I love piercings but I don't have too many because I do not wish to leave a mark or a trace of me anywhere. Its a useful strategy. I am also perverted and a sex expert, even though I don't look like one, considering my age and wrinkled face (although you probably can't see it because I'm obsessed with Botox and it has taken complete control over my life due to constant pressure from everyone and the media who likes me for my looks and not for who I am). People only love me because I wear a size 0 and I've got the smallest boobies in the whole world. Not only am I a sex pervert/expert, I am also THE real masturbater, however please do not inquire within. Restricted to employees only! The only difference is the fact that I am not as wasted as you are in life *_*. Do you really have to conform? Perhaps not. Prove the society today that you have something new to offer. Make yourself heard. Start a riot! BE an activist and a pacifist. Conventional standards suck and more people are following, succumbing to be its disciple. Be you: realize, read, notice, observe, experience, experiment, write, plan, strategize, change. 1)Perception is deception and they are certainly very distorted, hence you must understand and consider other factors before deciding or imposing judgements. Also, think critically. 2)Be silent and still, observe and plan to therefore be stronger than any extraneous foreign (outside) influences. 3)Know yourself before deciding that you know others better than they do 4) Against all kinds of vulnerability 5)Always stay alive and know that kind words/compliments are meaningless unless they are shown through actions. 6)Never admit defeat, never succumb to the world 7)Understand propaganda and how you can use it to your advantage. 8)Finally:To win the game, you will have to be in the game and play the role. But the right moves are yours to make. Being simply fucked up is not the answer kids. Wake up! This is the rebel inside of you who eventually put you all to sleep after long hours of misunderstanding what I've been trying to say. The confusion is worthwhile. BE an INDIVIDUAL (Do not ever let feelings take over your consciences) Only talk to me after understanding and abiding to these rules.
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