Azlin (seranggalover) wrote,

I miss my old penpal

Going through the old, uncancelled American stamps I received as a gift over a decade ago, I have been having nostalgic memories for the past 3 days about the time we used to write to each other in the early noughties. Our lives got busy when we were in uni, so we lost touch, but I have never forgotten about her. Wished her a happy birthday in October 2004, but no reply so I'm pretty sure she was no longer using that e-mail. Sent her a little something in October 2009 to her PMB address, it was delivered but I don't know whether or not she has ever received it.

I'm now wearing the panties she made for me. I haven't worn it often as I would like to keep it as a memory forever.

I miss her like crazy!!!
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