Azlin (seranggalover) wrote,

Kids clothes are so BIG!

In America, Kids clothes are so BIG!

Last month when I was at Old Navy, I tried on this Boys size 18 jeans. Even after I zipped and buttoned it, I could still pull that pair of jeans down to my knees.
Another time I went to Kohls to buy boxers. On the carton it says that that boxers is meant for someone 64'-67', weighing 126-138lb. It was supposedly meant for kids. I thought that it may be inaccurate coz I didn't think that kids tend to be that big (or at least they don't make kids clothes that big). When I went home and tried it on, they were sorta big! That is ridiculous! They actually make kids clothes for people weighing 138lb!

I always thought that kids clothes were meant for kids/ppl weighing less than 3 digits.
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