Azlin (seranggalover) wrote,

Just an update

I hope everyone had an enjoyable thanksgiving. I was so happy to see Bonnie again, my Mei2, after a yr of not seeing her. I really missed her. So on the evening of the 25th, Bonnie, Jenny and I went to eat dinner at a chinese restaurant at the 99 Ranch Market complex in Arcadia. Food was pretty good. I got to see Bonnie again the next day at Santa Anita Mall. Wow... that mall is beautiful now... what an upgrade... with the theatres, the bar and new shops. Later Candy and Irene joined us. We had dinner at the new extention at B&G. Ah... food is good but relatively expensive. Dang... they all look much older than since the last time I saw them. I guess college makes ppl age faster?!!!

Living in Calif sure isn't cheap. Now that I am renting this apt under my name, all the bills keep haunting me. The RENT, the electric bill, the phone bill, the insurance bill, the credit card bills plus the groceries, gas, car maintenance costs just drives me crazy!!! Therefore I think it's probably better if I live on an on-campus apt. I haven't started searching for apts but I am going to soon... LoL... I always say that and keep procrastinating anyway. Anyone who finds good apt deals, do tell me :)
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